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Wood Floors


At Utah Carpet Cleaners, we’re not just a carpet cleaning Utah company… We offer premier wood floor cleaning services as well.

Wood flooring is great because it makes minor spills and messes easy to clean up. But after a long period of time of heavy use, your floors can become dingy and appear dirty even after you wipe them down.

Our crew is professionally trained to properly clean and maintain wood floors. We offer various options to accommodate for your specific flooring type, size, as well as your budget. All of our products and methods are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and safe for your children and pets.

We will first determine the condition of your floors. It helps us decide what steps we should take and which methods will be most effective for your wood floors. Keeping your floors clean help to make your wood floors last longer. It also helps prevent scuffs and scratches. Most of the scratches and scuffs that appear on wood floors happened from little pieces of rock or dirt on the floor that got trapped in between something on top of it. Something like a chair could be wheeled across a dirty floor and leave lots of scratches and scuffs, where that same chair could be wheeled across a clean wood floor and not leave a mark.

When we clean your wood floors, we use only professional strength, non-toxic waterborne cleaner that is specially formulated for all types of hardwood floors that are coated with a clear, un-waxed finish. If your wood floors have been waxed, we have other options to accommodate for that. Our products will not dull your floor’s finish or leave oily-wax residues.

Sometimes, your floor needs more than just a regular cleaning. We offer a polishing service for wood floors that are dulled or have minor surface scratches. Depending on the kind of use your floors get, most wood flooring manufactures recommend that you have your floors polished at least two or three times a year. This will not only help the looks of your floor, but extend the longevity of your wood floors as well. If you leave your floors unpolished for long periods of time, it can result in permanent damage that requires new flooring altogether. Many times, if there is no significant damage, a good professional clean and polishing will leave your floors looking brand new and extend the life of your wood floors.

You can extend the longevity of your wood flooring by making sure it stays clean. Hard wood can be difficult and inconvenient to clean. There are lots of different products and chemicals out there that claim to clean your wood flooring, but many of them can be harmful to your wood over time. We pride ourselves in using only the safest products and equipment.

Leave it to the hard wood gurus at Utah Carpet Cleaners to get your floors looking brand new and squeaky clean.