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residential-carpetWhether your home has wood flooring, tile flooring, or carpet, we know how to keep them clean.

Your home is where you spend much of your time… So why settle for dirty floors? Cleaning your carpet is time consuming and in most cases, not very fun to do. We get that. That’s what we are here for.

Why choose Utah Carpet Cleaners?

It’s actually quite simple:

  • We are good at it- You won’t find another company that does a better job than us.
  • We offer competitive pricing- We offer residential services and an affordable price.
  • We are reliable- Set up a scheduled carpet cleaning contract with us and you can expect us to show up on time… no matter what. Rain, snow, ice, storms, you name it… we will be there.
  • We are flexible- Need to reschedule? No worries, we understand.
  • Oh, and we’re the highest rated carpet cleaning company (via our Google+ page) in Utah county. That’s right, we serve customers all over the county, from Provo to Draper, Lehi to Orem, Spanish Fork to Saratoga Springs, we gotcha covered.

Over long periods of time, your rugs, carpets, and upholstery collect lots of waste; dust, germs, and dirt below the surface. This happens to everyone, no matter how clean you might keep your home. Once in a while, it takes the power of a professional grade carpet cleaning machine to thoroughly clean your carpet. Certain allergens such as pet hair, pollen, dust mites, and dander can settle deep between carpet threads. They are usually unseen and go unnoticed by your eyes, but not by your body. You and your family continue to breathe the air that contain these allergens.

In areas of your home or office that receive the most foot traffic, dirt tends to build up much quicker. The buildup of dirt in these areas tends to cause and increase in friction which results in additional wear and tear and damages carpet fibers. This greatly shortens the life of your carpet. Having your carpet regularly cleaned by a professional service not only helps to remove dirt, kill bacteria, and improve the appearance, but it also helps lengthens the life of your carpet as well.

Here’s a useful tip that can help prolong the life and new appearance of your carpet: Don’t wait until your carpet appears dirty before you clean it… Have a scheduled routine where your carpets are professionally cleaned every 6-8 months. Most carpet manufactures recommend that your carpets are cleaned every year, some twice a year. It depends on the type of carpet you have and the amount of use it gets. If your household has children or pets roaming the carpet day to day, it may be of your interest to have the carpet cleaned more frequently. Utah Carpet Cleaners offer a hot water extraction method that is great at preventing dirt buildup and restores carpet immediately. This is the method that most carpet manufacturers recommend for almost all carpet types. It is a thorough, deep clean that cleans the fibers in your carpet that your household doesn’t reach. All of our products are safe and environmentally friendly.

Save yourself time, money, and frustration by choosing the chillest carpet cleaning company in Utah. Give us a call right now and get a free quote for your home.