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Pet Stains & Odors

pet-cleanupWe love pets just as much as you do. But let’s face it… they aren’t always the cleanest members of your home.

From cats to dogs, hedgehogs to pot bellied pigs, we know how to clean up after your little guys and have your carpet and upholstery stain & odor free. Don’t allow yourself to get frustrated with “do it yourself” remedies and old fashioned techniques… Our efficient and eco-friendly products, combined with our highly trained crews will have it done in a timely and affordable manner.

As much as we hate to admit it, even our best pets have accidents. (Sometimes it’s hard not to think they know better, but they do it to entertain themselves.) Pet urine stain removal is very difficult, but we’ve come up with innovative methods to restore carpet and furniture to its original state. If you combine the different variety of fabrics and materials in your home with the animal’s diet, health, and gender, it is easy to note that no two pet stains are the same. It is with time and experience that a professional cleaning service gets good at cleaning up these messes. We carry and use a unique collection of antimicrobial disinfectants as well as as enzyme and high acid stain removers and deodorizers.

Our crew is trained to treat stains on all surfaces and materials including (but not limited to): carpet, bedding, area rugs, upholstery, and drapery.

Many times, you become accustom to your pets’ odors, not realizing what effect they are having on the smell of your home. Your guests will notice right away. Don’t settle for anything less than fresh smelling carpet and furniture.

If your pet has just left their mark in your home, here are some tips to help the situation before we get there:

  • If the urine is fresh- If the accident happened within an hour of you noticing, the stain can usually be blotted up with a damp cotton terrycloth rag or towel. Apply enough pressure to the affected area to absorb as much of the urine as possible.
  • If the urine is not fresh- This is more of a challenge to contain and remove. As urine ages, it stains the material worse. Regardless of how old it is, you want to neutralize it as soon as possible after discovering it. Try applying a small amount of household vinegar to  the area. Gently work the vinegar into the affected area with a terrycloth towel.

If the area is too much to contain yourself, or you want the accident to be handled by professionals, don’t hesitate to call us. Utah Carpet Cleaners are here to help!