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Utah County’s #1 Most Affordable Carpet Cleaner


We’re UtahCarpetCleaners.net – The most reliable and efficient carpet cleaning company in Utah County.

We are the ultimate carpet gurus – whether it be residential homes & apartments, commercial businesses, churches, schools, offices, or motor homes, we’ve got you covered.

We specialize in many different services – but pretty much if you can name it, we can clean it.

Consider these questions:

1) Do you have dingy, dirty, or dusty couches and furniture? Does your furniture look worse after attempting to clean it yourself?

If so, check out our upholstery cleaning page and see if we can provide a solution.

2) Have your pets left their marks in your home? Have accidents and spills resulted in seemingly impossible stains? Do your pets leave odors that offend the noses of your family and guests?

Our pet stain and odor removal methods are nothing short of ingenious.

3) Have people in your home been experiencing strong allergies? Do you notice dust collecting quickly? When was the last time you had your air ducts cleaned?

You may be blowing air through you home that is loaded with dust, dirt, mold, and allergen spores. We offer affordable air duct cleaning to ensure you have healthy, clean air in your home or business.

4) Has the tile and grout in your bathroom become dingy? Have you disinfected the floors on a regular basis?

Many people don’t realize how much bacteria grows in between the cracks of your floor. Tile and grout happens to be one of the toughest kind of flooring to keep clean and sanitary. Our experts will have your floors looking brand new.

5) Has an unexpected flood or leaky roof left furniture and carpet with permanent water damage?

Consider our professional water damage restoration service and leave it to us to get your home or business back to where you want it.

(Check out the service tab at the top of the page for a list of all the services we offer)

Bottom line

Our professional equipment and top-tier machinery, combined with our highly trained crew of cleaners, means there’s no carpet too soiled, no stain too permanent, and no task too ambitious for Utah Carpet Cleaners.

We’re safe, reliable, and a top ranked company (source).

I guess you could say that we provide some of the best carpet cleaning Utah has seen in years, maybe ever.

Give us a call today – 801-657-3613 – and let’s get those carpets spot-free and immaculate.